What is CallTraffic

CallTraffic is a comprehensive cloud based call accounting and call management software package that electronically tracks all inbound and outbound calls passing through your telephone system. It provides critical information that will enable you to better understand and manage your business.

Your business could not survive without its telephone system. Today, customers, employees and vendors handle most of their communications via phone and fax. But, until CallTrak, managers had very little hard data available about this vital function.

Would it be useful to know:

* Your peak business hours and days?
* How many calls come in between 11 am and 2 pm when many people are going to lunch?
* How many calls are being abandoned because of lack of response?
* Which customers call most frequently and what departments do they call?
* These are just a few samples of the action able information CallTrak will generate.

CallTraffic can provide this information and much more from its large selection of standard reports. Custom reports can easily be formatted to provide specialized information.

Standard CallTrak reports provide the following call information:
* By Date
* By Time
* By Extension
* By Line
* By Account
* By Department
* By Called Number
* By Calling Number
* By Call Duration
* Summary of All Calls
* Totals by Extension
* Cost Per Call